Four Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Chicago Winter


It is that time of the year again. Temperatures are dropping, the football season is almost over, and the joys of fall have begun to fade. Another Chicago winter has begun to announce its arrival. One of the greatest concerns for any home or business owner during this time of the year should be keeping your building warm and comfortable, while ensuring you are maintaining breathable air.

Why are these important? Well during this time of the year most will spend more time inside. So of course we all would like to be comfortable but even more vital is our health. A good heating system in your residence is more a necessity than a luxury, and you can help your system deliver before the season throws its toughest conditions at your home. 

Because let's face it, no matter how many sweaters you put on, you shouldn’t have to be bundled up like you are climbing Everest when you are sitting in your living room trying to watch your favorite holiday movie.

Hence maintaining a heating system that successfully maintains the temperature in your house is a key factor in your quality of life during these cold months. The heating system in your residence or business is about to experience some straining nights this time of year. So it is worth it to spend a bit of time preparing and checking your home or business now.

Inspect your current heating system

A great to begin is to check and see whether your existing boiler or furnace is ready to operate smoothly for another year or if it time consider installing a new heating system. This can often be very beneficial because many of us ignore it and always expect our boiler or furnace to start right up and power through another year. Take a little time to check your business or residence as it currently is and remember how it performed this past year.

Test your heating system some and check the burners to make certain they work. Take the time to install storm windows if you own them, and check around your building's doors and windows for air leaks around the seals.

Schedule yearly service when it is time 

Many professional service companies will being to advertise at the first sign that summer is ending and fall begins to encourage customers have yearly service scheduled immediately. This is because scheduling service and maintenance checkups before you start pushing the heating system almost every hour of the day helps you learn about problems and potential repair needs early.

The truth of the matter is that we are often told or asked to do things in a preventative manner...and we ignore them for a variety of reasons. The problem is that once those Midwest storms start to roll through and the temperatures begin to drop, quite a few people discover serious problems with their HVAC systems and companies can be swapped (and some raise their rates).

Being proactive can save you from a lot of headaches. But if you have not had your system serviced yet this year: DO IT NOW! Continuing to run your heating and cooling systems without regularly checkups is a recipe for disaster.

Replace the air filters

If your heating system is ready to go and you are satisfied with it, the third step is to check and replace the filter regularly. Any service call to your residence or business should include the filters being checked and changed. But the commonly accepted notion is that your air filter and furnace filter should be changed at least every 2-3 months. And you shouldn't just do this every time a season ends, but rather frequently throughout the year. 

Filters are prone to get very dirty very fast and the difference between a new filter and an old one is a huge one that affects performance directly and the quality of air that you are breathing. A warm home is of course great, but make sure you are not breathing in dirt and pollutants all winter long.

Check your home's thermostat

A nice final measure is to monitor and check if your thermostat is operating fine, and then putting further an effort to remember how it does this winter. If it functions well then utilize it the thermostat when it is possible. What we mean by this is, for example, when your residence is empty you could relieve the heating system for a period by turning down the temperature. This can improve the longevity and stress on your system, which will result in lower energy costs.

But if you find that you are relying on an older thermostat that seems to be struggling or you would prefer to adjust the temperature less often, we encourage you to upgrade to an electronic programmable thermostat. The majority of electronic thermostats are now able to create cycles that allows you to save energy by letting the system know which hours of the day it should work more and when the temperature can be lowered to save energy.

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