Seven Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill This Chicago Winter


Heating bills usually skyrocket to a lofty sum during a Chicago winter. If your energy bills are as high as your ceiling, then it is time to check around your house for possible causes. Mending them could help reduce spending requisite. Doing this can save you money while keeping your kids and family safe and warm during the cold season.

Below are some tips on how you can reduce your heating bill. These are techniques on how to save energy, and more importantly, lower the cost of your bill. Prioritized in this article are the simplest and most cost-effective tips.

Sunlight is the best heat source

You can raise your curtains up during the day to let the natural heat in. Nothing beats the lovely rays of the sun to warm you up and your home. Sunlight puts color on your skin. We all need the Vitamin D that the sun provides. We all love the sun, but just make sure to always use sunscreen, especially on the kids.


Do minor repairs in your home

Sometimes, the cold is due to leaks, cracks and “drafty” windows and doors. You would want to prepare for the colder season by getting these repairs done as soon as you see them. Get the repairman to fix all of these.

You can also opt for a cheaper alternative by covering your windows, with a plastic sheet on a frame. This would help the warm air remain inside and the cold air outside.


Adjust the thermostat on different levels when you’re awake and when asleep

While awake in the house you can adjust the stat to as low as it is comfortable. And while asleep you can set the stat back to normal for the right number of hours necessary.


Tune-up the fireplace

Make sure the damper is sealed when the fireplace is not in use. This is an eco-friendly heating process. This does not need any electricity at all, so you slash a significant amount off your energy bill.


Opt for zone heater systems which uses electricity

This is remarkably cheaper than gas heat systems. This can be used to boost room temperature by those who are fragile to cold weather, especially the elderly. It also regulates heat well, without overheating the entire room.


Get an energy-audit device

This device can help you keep track on your energy usage. This helps you inspect, survey and analyze energy flows, especially for energy conservation in buildings or homes.   


Hire a professional

If you can, hire the experts at Ardmore Fresh Air who are already trained on heating systems. Our staff knows the specifics on what to check, and what to do. This saves you time, and maybe even money in the long run. They will provide suggestions for future reference and things to look for as well.

In cold places and in cold seasons, not getting enough heating is intolerable. A well-prepared home can take out all the stress that winter brings. But around the Midwest and Chicago, heating costs can quickly escalate when you are heating your residence or business 24/7. So it is definitely worth the effort to find ways to keep warm while spending less this winter.

For more information or to set up an appointment for service for your existing heating system in the greater Chicagoland area, please contact the AC experts at Ardmore Fresh Air today!