Signs It Is Time For A New Heating System


Another winter is beginning to bear down on Chicago and the rest of the Midwest, and most people know how to prepare for nights that continuously make central heating necessary! But along with being concerned about your comfort, you should also be thinking about your health. As we all know, during the toughest months of the year, a heating system is a must in every home, office, and building.

Figuring out which heating system fits your needs best can be difficult mainly because the quality of the system matters. You may already have a functioning heating system, and if so then it is important to maintain and repair your boiler or furnace regularly to ensure you are toasty and warm all winter.

But do you know when it is time to consider installing a newer heating system? While most would prefer to wait to make serious changes when they are absolutely necessary, you could be unaware that a very big problem is impending and your heating system could leave you in the cold facing the need for a full overhaul suddenly. 

Here are five noticeable signs that your heating system might be due for new equipment this winter.

The Current System Has Been Used For Over 15 Years:

Do you know how old your heating system is? When was the boiler or furnace you are relying on installed? Many older heating units are manufactured to last roughly 16 to 20 years. In recent years, newer technological developments have led to heating and air conditioning systems that are capable of lasting longer with proper maintenance.

But if you are unsure about the age of your heating, have a trained professional from Ardmore Fresh Air help you find out. If it has been more than 15 years, it would be wise to start considering an upgrade.

The System Is Not Heating Rooms Up :

Has your spouse or family member complained that a room does not really get warm anymore when you turn up the heat? If your heating system is beginning to struggle to fully heat your residence or business, then it is absolutely time to give Ardmore Fresh Air a call. Your system may simply need a small repair, but continuing to push a system that has begun to lose efficiency is a slippery slope that could lead to larger problems.

Growing Heating Costs:

An energy bill that is a tad more than the month before might not be a serious thing to stress over, yet if this is happening month after month than there is likely an issue. Climbing energy costs combined with any struggles or other signs listed here means a serious problem needs to be addressed or it could be time to replace your heating unit. An energy efficient system can make a world of difference by saving you hundreds on your bills in a year over an aging system. 

Continuous or Strange Noises:

Does your boiler or furnace have you convinced there is something haunted in your building? Loud and strange noises around a home or business often come from heating and air conditioning systems. The noises may be coming from a malfunctioning part, radiator, a fan, or pipe which might be broken. Most of the time the end result is some repairs and we can have your heating system running smoothly. But if something in your HVAC systems is trying to "speak" to you, ignoring it could lead to even more scarier problems.

High or Repeating Repair Costs:

One repair call a year is understandable if your system is starting to get up in age. But if you are having to deal with issues and broken parts regularly, it is likely time to start considering a new heating system. Spending for a new system may seem hard, but a broken system that is no longer usable will continue to incur additional costs and put you at risk.

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