5 Common HVAC Mistakes Homeowners Make

5 Common HVAC Mistakes Homeowners Make

Like many homeowners, you could have habits that are harmful to your HVAC unit. While you might be unaware, these habits could be the reason you have increased utility bills. Even worse, the mistakes could decrease your unit’s lifespan.

Since you’d like to get the most out of your HVAC unit, you need to emphasize maintaining it. That includes knowing mistakes to avoid that could cause significant problems in the future. Some of these common mistakes include skipping maintenance, setting extreme thermostat temperatures, and forgetting to change air filters. We have outlined these mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. Skipping Maintenance

Most homeowners tend to ignore scheduling maintenance, especially when the HVAC unit is working correctly. On the other hand, others decide to fix issues on their own. While DIY isn’t entirely wrong, you might miss some faults that only a trained eye can detect.

Once you skip professional maintenance, you can miss vital signs of underlying problems that could turn into grave issues in the future. It is good practice to schedule regular maintenance at least once a year. However, in some cases, once a year might not be frequent enough. For instance, if you have pets in your home.

2. Setting Extreme Thermostat Temperatures

A common misconception is that setting temperatures to extreme levels saves money. Others will even shut the system down entirely when they leave the house. As opposed to setting extreme temperatures, set the thermostat no more than 3 degrees higher than your desired temperatures.

3. Ignoring Minor Issues

You might notice slight changes in the quality of the air in your home. It is good practice to seek help regardless of how minor the issue seems. Otherwise, the minor issue might snowball into a significant problem that might even damage your unit.

4. Forgetting to Replace Air Filters

A clogged air filter will cause a strain on other HVAC unit components, making it generally less efficient. Therefore, forgetting to replace your air filters from time to time puts your HVAC unit at the risk of malfunction. It could also cause other problems like skyrocketing utility bills or affecting the quality of air.

Make a point of replacing your air filters regularly. Anywhere between 30 and 60 days would be okay.

5. Closing Vents

Another bad habit common among homeowners is closing vents in rooms they rarely use to save on energy. On the contrary, closing these vents will only direct the air in other rooms where you didn’t want it to go. Furthermore, it also strains your HVAC unit, causing damage.

The HVAC unit plays a crucial role in your home, and we are here to ensure it works correctly at all times. Call us today to experience the state of the art services.