3 Reasons Seasonal Maintenance Is Necessary

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Isn’t it beautiful when seasons begin to change? It can be enjoyable to witness and pleasant to experience but if we neglect to our seasonal HVAC maintenance, expect headaches. Winter brings to mind snowflakes, hot cocoa, roaring fires, Santa Claus and Game of Thrones. But winter, and any other season, is no fun when you’re not comfortable with the temperatures at home.

HVAC is the home essential responsible for keeping everyone comfortable and healthy indoors by regulating the temperature. Like other big investments we use daily in our lives such as the house in general and the car, your HVAC system needs maintenance, too. You’re probably asking, “Why spend more money on it?” We’ve got three good reasons.

Comfy Home

“There is no place like home.” What about yours? Does your family enjoy going home?


Winter and Autumn: These are the seasons of dropping temperatures chilly gusts of wind when the cool wind that was pleasant in summer now causes frostbite. We need to stay warm and comfy. For these months, a good pair of pajamas won’t do. Well-maintained HVAC units will ensure your family can admire the snow from indoors, without having to worry about the cold throughout the season.


Spring: As flowers bloom and green wakes from its slumber, one major drawback is pollen. A vast majority of the US now suffer from allergies with pollen among the most common allergens, resulting in cough or cold. With appropriate ventilation from HVAC this can be avoided. When the air is thick with them, it’s good to know your loved ones have a place where they can take cover and live without worry of allergens.


Summer: It’s a well-loved season. Many dream of moving to places with almost endless sunny weather, living close to the beach. While the heat gives us good reason to dive into waves and get a great tan, it can also be an annoyance and a danger to our health. Make sure your family can escape the heat when it gets too much with a cool environment.

Save Money

Dirt, loose parts and unaligned components in HVAC system causes inefficiency. Your heater and air conditioning will be forced to maintain the same temperature using more energy. A properly maintained HVAC consumes less energy, translating to lower monthly utility bills.


You also lessen the likelihood of sudden breakdowns and other problems needing costly repairs and replacements. Regular maintenance would not only decrease the chances of these concerns happening but preventing them from creating, “Why now?!” moments.

Overall Health

“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” HVAC systems that aren’t regularly checked and cleaned become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. These can accumulate in the filters and the vents as well as other parts where dirt and other particles get caught and buildup.


These could eventually find their way into the air you and your family breathe. For better health, make sure your HVAC system is regularly serviced.


To get the best of your HVAC, always remember to keep it clean and regularly have it checked and maintained. For more tips about your HVAC system, contact Ardmore Fresh Air at (847) 792-1019.


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