3 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Ductwork

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Ducts are an important part to an HVAC system. They’re the routes in which wind travels through to get to different parts of a home.

These are, many times, taken for granted as majority of focus is given towards the air conditioning and heating units of the system. The quality and condition of ducts are left by many to be unchecked, resulting in its quickened deterioration.  Some homeowners may even have vents that need replacing but are unaware so they put up with the ordeal of having an underperforming ductwork in place.

Damaged Ducts

Within attics or crawl spaces your ducts are visible. Examine their current state. Also check your it in other areas where it can be seen. See the if they are rusty, damaged or have holes in it. There are damages of course that can be fixed by if these can be found in the vast majority of your network of vents then it might be cheaper to get a new one.

Given that you can only see small portions of your ductwork, it would be best to call in a professional to do a thorough inspection and listen to what they have to say of its condition.

End Of The Road

The expected lifespan of a vent network is 10 to 15 years. If your ductwork is within that time period or has exceeded that you should have an expert check it out, especially if it’s already causing you problems. More often than not, due to the age factor, it would be recommended that you upgrade it with a new one.

The continued use of vents that has reached the end of the road will only result to an increase in utility expenses. Furthermore  the atmosphere of your homes could be affected as air is not filtered through the appropriate segments in which they are supposed to exit, rather they enter your homes through openings or crevices found in your vents bringing in dust, and other harmful particles.

There are, however, rare cases where there ductwork was well maintained and could last a little longer than 15 years.

Inconsistent Airflow

Observe the air flowing into different rooms of your house. If there are inconsistencies in the air pressure, and it was not programmed to be this way, then this is an indication of a ductwork that might need changing.

A damaged or disconnected duct leads to air unable to circulate properly. Instead an amount of it finds its way exiting the vents through unintended gaps and openings.This could lead to desired temperatures not being met in certain parts of a structure which in turn causes health problems to you and your family.

Replacing any part of your HVAC system is a serious investment and requires careful thought. Before you jump into making the call, have a licensed technician evaluate its condition. His recommendation would mean long-term savings and good health for your family.

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