3 Ways To Increase Your A/C's Efficiency

How would you increase your AC’s efficiency? Is there are an effective way of maintaining your air conditioner without having to spend too much?

Yes, there are effective ways of increasing the efficiency of your air conditioner. Proper maintenance will always cost you less compared to spending for repairs. Maintenance will help you meet that goal and below are the top three ways to increase your AC’s efficiency.

Keep Your AC Clean from the Inside Out

Keep the environment around your air conditioner free from any debris (i.e. weeds, leaves etc.). This debris will obstruct the operation of your AC unit once they get inside the system. Ensure that your filters are changed or cleaned frequently. If you have disposable filters, replace it every three months. If you are using permanent filters, clean it on a monthly basis.

Another important part of your air conditioner is its condenser coils. Clean your condenser coils at least twice a year to remove any grime and oil build up. Dirty condenser coils will result in high energy bills and can lead to your AC’s inefficiency. Lastly, have your ductworks checked and cleaned by your trusted HVAC maintenance technician. Ductworks are necessary to regulate the airflow of your system.

Turn Down the Heat

Another free but yet effective way to increase your AC’s efficiency is by reducing the heat from within your house. How do you do it? When you are using your air conditioner, avoid turning on the oven, flat iron, or any heat-emitting appliances. Using them will only cause your AC to work harder in order to cool down your place, thus, consuming more energy.

When the sun is high, using drapes or curtains to cover your windows can also help block the heat from entering your house. In addition to this, insulating your windows or doors properly will prevent the heat from coming in or cold from escaping.


Schedule a Seasonal Maintenance

Prevention is always better than cure. Same goes for your air conditioner. Maintenance is always better than repair. A single repair will cost you more than a regular maintenance does. Therefore, scheduling seasonal maintenance will help prevent your AC from unnecessary or unexpected breakdowns in the future.   

The best times for AC maintenance are right before winter and before spring approaches. Most HVAC companies offer a maintenance program. If you sign on for that maintenance program, an AC technician will run an evaluation on your AC unit twice a year to check if there are any rising problems and what you should do about it. What’s more convenient is that you’ll never have to go through the hassle in finding a technician during peak seasons for AC maintenance.

There you have it! Those are the best three ways that you can do in order to increase your AC’s efficiency. You not only keep your AC working efficiently, but you are also able to save more by doing so. For further questions and additional information, come visit Ardmore Fresh Air or simply give us a call at (847) 792-1019 to schedule an appointment with us!

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