3 Ways To Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency


Taking into consideration your home’s energy consumption is definitely a smart move. Finding how to be smart with your energy use can lead to lower monthly energy bills and it can help decrease your footprint on the environment. And being energy efficient can begin with simple steps such as turning off lights and electronics when they are not necessary or installing a smart thermostat for more efficient controls.  

The experts at Ardmore Fresh Air can help your home become more energy efficient with the latest heating and cooling units, but if you would like to start making a difference in your home here are three things you can do immediately. It does not necessarily require you to make a huge effort; even simple changes can lead to better results over time.

Turn Off Unused Energy Drainers

Turning off a light or tv when you are leaving the room and no longer using them should be common sense to most people. You understand that leaving a light, fan, or electronic device on means that energy will continue to be consumed even if in reality they might not be in use. But you can take this simple understanding further when considering the energy use around your home. Something that has increased in the last couple of decades is the drain of phantom energy throughout most residences.

Phantom energy refers to energy being used when electronic devices may be off but are still plugged in. Many items such as computers, newer TVs, gaming devices, and household appliances now offer “sleep” modes where they may turn off in some fashion but also remain partially powered to return to full usage quickly and allow for many different functions.

While convenient at times, this can lead to far more energy being used opposed to fully turning off or unplugged these devices. If you know that you will not quickly being using such devices again, start fully powering them down every time that you can.

Another energy drainer besides high-powered devices will be your light bulbs. Switching to new energy efficient bulbs may cost a few more dollars initially but over the life of the bulb they will use far less energy than traditional standard bulbs.

Seal Unused Rooms and Fix Leaks

Another great idea to consider would be sealing off rooms that may go through extended periods when they are not used at all. You might have guest rooms, craft rooms, or simply unused bedrooms that are mainly being used for storage. But without considering it, you may be cooling and heating them without giving it much thought.

Try closing the vents in such rooms and leaving the doors to them shut to avoid wasting money regulating rooms that do not need it. This easy fix can quickly lead to drastic changes on your summer energy bills.

Air that is leaking along doors and windows is a common difficulty faced in older homes and buildings. Every building will loss some air from tiny gaps or cracks along the doors and windows. Using caulking every new season can limit this, but the real solution with most older windows and door is to replace them with new energy efficient products.

Have Your Cooling System Regularly Checked

The easiest  way to ensure your appliances are running at peak energy efficiency is to maintain regular check-ups and servicing. Most of your home’s heating and cooling units are able to operate even when they are not running at peak efficiency levels. This benefits residents in that their systems do not completely shut down as often as some other machines.

But continued use for long periods of time will lead to debris buildups and decreased operating efficiency, which cause your systems around the home to have to work harder to maintain your desired temperatures. This of course can lead to energy bills that rise with time, but it will also eventually lead to serious issues or malfunctions that might result in additional costs when regular servicing should keep systems running smoothly for years.

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