4 Signs Your Air Conditioner Unit Needs To Be Replaced

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Undeniably, having an air conditioner is a crucial part of a comfortable lifestyle at home. They can last quite awhile, provided that they are well taken cared of. Unfortunately, these type of machines aren’t designed to last forever. No matter how well we treat it, air conditioners will degrade to the point that it needs to be replaced.

Knowing when your home’s air conditioning needs to be replaced is crucial, the costs of constant repairs on an old system can be expensive from hiring a professional repair man every time your A/C breaks down. Here are four signs that indicate your air conditioner needs to be replaced:


Your Unit Has Been Around For Awhile

According to professionals, the typical lifespan of air conditioners on average is between 10 - 12 years. Older units become less efficient, especially when compared to newer ones with better technology. If your unit has reached a decade or longer, you may want to talk to a professional and consider replacing it. Getting a new one can save you money on your electricity bills and frequent need of professional help. The only downside is the initial cost, but you will save more in the long run.


Your A/C Isn’t Doing Its Job

If you notice that your air conditioner isn’t doing its job even at full blast, the air coming out from the vents just isn’t as cold as it used to be, or it’s having a hard time to keep your home cool at all and multiple service repairs haven’t solved the problem, it’s time to consider replacement. It might be that major parts of the system are failing and your A/C unit will work double time. This will result in an increase in your monthly bills.


It Smells Bad When Turned On

An air conditioner is one of the most used appliances at home, and it isn’t supposed to give out a foul and musty odor. Not to forget that it poses genuine health concerns for you and your family.

If your AC stinks, something is definitely wrong. If you notice a musty or a pungent smell, it’s possible that the wire insulation inside your unit has burned out or there’s mold, and possibly ductwork that should be taken care of immediately. Call a professional right away!


It Demands Frequent Repairs

Some replacement parts and repairs aren’t worth paying when the costs are getting too high. If your A/C unit is frequently breaking down, and you end up having to call a repairman every couple of months, those repairs will add up. It’s time to rethink whether or not the costs of constant repairs are more expensive than to save your money for a brand new unit.


Recognizing symptoms and signs will help you save from further damage and higher repair cost. If you are unsure if your AC needs repair or replacement, call Ardmore Fresh Air at (847) 792-1019. We will help you decide with the help our experienced professionals!

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