5 HVAC Tips for Halloween Safety

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As summer comes to an end and the afternoons get chilly, Halloween looms on the horizon with the promise of spooky fun. Soon, it will be the season for candy and costumes, as well as homes decorated in fake cobwebs and ghosts. As the spooky season creeps closer, it is important to keep HVAC system safety in mind to ensure yourself a safe Halloween. Follow these tips to keep your HVAC and Halloween running smoothly.

Keep Your Vents Uncovered

Decorating your house with fake cobwebs and ghoulish decorations might be a holiday staple, but it is important to keep your HVAC unit clear of any obstructing decorations. Keeping vents clear is an important part of your HVAC unit's functionality. Any decoration that covers the vent can lead to a lower quality of airflow and higher utility costs. To avoid this, be sure to give your HVAC vent plenty of space when decorating.

Keep Flammables Away

As Halloween grows closer, you might be tempted to make a Jack-o-lantern for your patio or hallways. Candles are a favorite source of atmospheric light come Halloween and are often used inside Jack-o-lanterns too. However, candles and other heat-producing appliances can be harmful to HVAC systems. It is vital to keep flammable items away from HVAC systems not only for the safety of the system but also for the household's safety. Instead of candles, glow sticks and battery-powered candles can be used as a replacement near HVAC systems.

Keep Outdoor Units Unobstructed

Decorating the outdoors can be a great way to create a spooky atmosphere for Halloween. However, when decorating, it is important to give your HVAC system enough space to remain unobstructed should decorations fall, especially smaller decor that could get inside and impair the system's efficiency. It is best to set up displays away from HVAC systems to keep them running in top conditions.

Outdoor Fun

It is important to give your HVAC system space when decorating outdoors. By deciding to decorate patios or lawns that provide ample distance from HVAC systems, you can still create an excellent spooky atmosphere without worry of decorations falling into your HVAC system.

Safety-Approved Lighting

Electrical and battery-operated lighting has become a safer way to light up Halloween decorations. Although they are generally considered a safer alternative to candles and other heat-producing sources of light, it is important to ensure that your electrical and battery-operated lights still meet the required safety-approved standard.

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