5 Ways to Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring

As spring is nearly approaching, it’s important that your HVAC system is in a good condition and ready to work efficiently during the hot season. Here are a few useful tips to help you get started for a hassle-free spring time season with your heating and air conditioning system:

Clean Or Replace Your Filters

During winter, a lot of dust and dirt had been stuck inside your filters and your coils are surely covered in grime by then. If you’re using a durable air filter which can be washed and reused, then go ahead and clean it. For disposable filters, now is the time for you to replace it with a new one. 
Remove the grime from your coils using a stiff brush or cleansing spray. Make sure when you do that, the place where you’ll be working on is clean so you can avoid any foreign objects getting inside the unit unnoticeably. Otherwise, it may wreck up the system. 
Cleaning your air filters and coils can prevent your unit from getting worn out easily. Dirty system parts will only cause your HVAC units to work harder and longer before it reaches its set temperature. This does not only affect your entire system but also cost you more on energy consumption.

Air Duct Testing and Cleaning

It can be inferred that at certain weather conditions, duct pipes can be worn out under any circumstances or have massive dirt within them already. If you’re unsure how to conduct a thorough evaluation on your ductworks, have a licensed technician do it for you. Schedule an appointment with your technician and have them conduct an air duct testing. Your technician will know if it needs cleaning, extra insulation, repair or replacement. 
Similar to all other parts of the HVAC system, your ductwork is as important as the rest.  To avoid any unnecessary inefficiency in the system, make sure that your ductworks are functional and are in a good condition. 

Have Your Programmable Thermostat Ready

The advantage of having a programmable thermostat is the proper utilization of your HVAC usage. Some can automatically adjust the temperature when they sense that a person is nearby. All of them can help by more effectively controlling the temperatures to fit when you personally need them to.  This saves you energy, and of course wasting unused energy will decrease, and so will your monthly bills.
If you already own one, have a thorough inspection if there are no defects in the unit obtained from the previous season, or if it needs replacement and if it still works efficiently. Try to check if the temperature in your thermostat matches with your indoor temperature. Note any slight difference. If there’s any, let your technician troubleshoot it. If he says it needs replacement, then replace it.

Evaluate Your System 

Run a thorough evaluation of your system to detect any minor defects or even developing damages. And consider how your heating and cooling system operated last year. If you’re unsure how to do this, a licensed technician can also easily evaluate the state of your units. 
If you have a maintenance program, then you won’t need to worry a bit. A maintenance team will be the one to check up your HVAC system. Either way, having a trustworthy professional look over your system before the taxing months ahead is always a smart decision.

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