How to Clean Your A/C Unit By Yourself

How to Clean Your AC Unit By Yourself

As a homeowner, you have a lot of maintenance responsibilities that you'll need to perform throughout the year. One of the most essential is cleaning your air conditioning unit to get it ready for the summertime. While you'll definitely need a professional to handle components like air condition refrigerants, there are some DIY steps that you can perform yourself to save some money.

Start With The HVAC Air Filter

Every home air condition unit will have at least one air filter. It's recommended that this HVAC filter be changed once every three months. It's advisable by many HVAC professionals to change your air condition filter when you're doing your springtime maintenance. You can replace your existing filter with fiberglass, pleated, washable, or HEPA filters. Just make sure you get the model number off your existing filter so that you purchase the right size for your HVAC replacement filter.

Clean The Outdoor Unit

Before you dive into cleaning your outdoor air condition unit, it's vital that you kill the power at the breaker box. You don't want your air condition unit to be on while you're cleaning it. The breaker should be marked as HVAC, air condition, or something similar.

Take a look around the outdoor unit and remove any debris that is within a couple of feet of it. Next, unscrew the AC grille cover and unhook any wiring that is necessary to get the cover completely off the air condition unit. Use a hose to remove any excess debris that is inside the unit.

You'll need to purchase a specialized condenser coil cleaner at your local hardware store. This is a caustic solution that works great to remove stuck-on debris from the coils. Make sure that you use your hose to clean off any debris that is present on the metal fins. If any fins are bent, now is the time to use thin pliers or a fin comb to straighten them back out. Make sure you put the AC cover back in place and reconnect any wiring that you had to disconnect previously.

Clean The Indoor Unit

Start by removing the access panel to your indoor HVAC unit. You'll want to clean off the evaporator coils first, which can be done with a specialized cleaning solution. Any HVAC professional can tell you that a 50/50 bleach and water solution is all that you need to clean out the drain pipe and the drain. This solution will remove any hard water scaling that is present inside of your indoor air condition unit.

Call An HVAC Professional Today

If you're ready for your springtime professional AC maintenance, then it's time to call our HVAC professionals. Our experienced HVAC professionals are available to get your air conditioning unit prepped for the long summer months ahead.


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