A/C Tips for Pet Owners

AC Tips for Pet Owners

Having a working HVAC system is a necessity for every home, especially when you have pets. Keeping them cool may be your main objective as air conditioning season rolls around. However, it's important to realize just how pet dander and unwanted allergens can affect the performance of your air conditioning HVAC system throughout those long summer months.

Clean Your Filter Often

Ask any HVAC professional what the biggest mistake homeowners who have pets make in respect to their air conditioning HVAC system and they'll tell you that they don't clean the filter often enough. The filter in your HVAC system is there to help trap unwanted dirt, debris, pet hair, and allergens. When the filter becomes clogged with allergens and other items, it becomes much harder for your HVAC system to push cold air through the filter.

>As a homeowner, you'll start to notice an increase in your electric usage as your system works harder. Eventually, you'll even notice that your air conditioning isn't as cool as you would like it. You may be tempted to call an HVAC professional. However, start by changing out your HVAC filter as it can help to eliminate these problems as you'll unblock the trapped allergens and hair from your pets. Aim for checking your air conditioning filter at least once a month when you have pets or a family member who is particularly sensitive to allergens. If you can't see through your air conditioning filter due to allergens or hair from your pets, it's time to replace the HVAC filter.

Sweep Out Registers

There are a series of air conditioning registers that run throughout each room in your home. These are the grated vents that allow air conditioning to enter the room and warm air to exit. When you have pets, the loose hair from your pets can actually clog up the registers alongside other allergens. Even worse, the hair from your pets and other allergens can make their way into your ductwork. If anyone in your home has respiratory allergies, these built-up allergens and debris can wreak havoc on their day-to-day life.

If you've noticed that some of your family members are dealing with the side effects of allergens in your home, it's highly advisable to use your vacuum to suck up any loose pet hair and allergens from your registers. Every month, pop out the registers and clean out the allergens and debris inside of your ductwork. Once a year, you should consider having an HVAC professional perform an entire ductwork cleaning of your air conditioning system to remove excess allergens and debris. A trained HVAC professional will remove built-up allergens and hair from your pets throughout all of the ductwork, including beyond where your vacuum reaches.

Keep your air temperature consistent

One of the most common tips that you'll find to save money on air conditioning costs in the summertime is to turn the air conditioning temperature up during the daytime hours when no one is home. While this is a great tip, it shouldn't be used by homeowners who have pets. Your pets need a temperature that is comfortable to stay at throughout the day. Whatever temperature your family feels comfortable within the evening will likely be fine for your pets throughout the daytime when you're not home.

Always schedule HVAC Tune-Ups

An important step to take to ensure that your air conditioning system has the best chance of running without issues, like clogged allergens or hair from your pets, throughout the summer is to schedule regular HVAC tune-ups with an HVAC professional. You should opt for having your air conditioning unit tuned up in the early spring by an HVAC professional. You'll also want to make a reminder to have your heating system tuned up by an HVAC professional in the early fall.

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