Air Conditioning Options for Older Homes

Air Conditioning Options

Air conditioning is one of the comforts most homeowners will not go without. They are often necessary to help you get through the hot and humid summers. If you have certain health issues, an air conditioner might be a necessity.

Installing or upgrading air conditioning in an older home can create challenges. If you have an older home, consider these before choosing an air conditioning system. Find out which systems are most appropriate for your budget.

Air Conditioning Options For Older Homes

Heat Pumps

New homeowners might wonder what heat pumps have to do with air conditioning. HVAC professionals know that heat pumps can move heat from the inside of the home to the outside. Though effective, heat pumps can be costly.

Ductless Systems

Ductless units are often placed on a wall. They release cool air with refrigerant chemicals and go through a built-in blower. These systems are like central air but do not need ductwork.

Window Units

Homeowners might choose to install individual window units in specific rooms. This option does not need a complicated or time-consuming installation process. But, individual units are only effective in cooling the rooms that they are in.

Issues To Consider

Electrical Power

Older homes might not have the voltage and amp services needed for central air systems. Homeowners should talk with an electrical contractor before beginning the process.

Spacing Issues

The air created from modern air conditioning units go into the rooms through the ducts. Unfortunately, some older homes lack the space to accommodate these features. Plus, making duct-accommodating additions in older homes is time-consuming. It can also be expensive.

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