Concerning HVAC Smells You Need To Know About

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Your Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is too complex for the average person to try and fix or perform intricate check-ups on it if they do not have the needed training and education. However, there are simple things that normal homeowners can do for the benefit of your HVAC.

You can easily be observant with irregularities that occur while your system is operating. The scents that your equipment produce could be an indication of what’s wrong, which could aid your technicians in better diagnosing and solving the problem.

Strong Urine Smell

If you get a whiff of urine coming out of your HVAC, it is likely that rodents have taken up shelter. They do this a lot to attract mates. These smells contain a lot of information about a specific rat, and when one of the opposite sex finds their scent to be what they’re just looking for, then they reproduce. No matter the reason though, I doubt you would appreciate the idea of having mice or their droppings around your heating and cooling system.

Getting rid of this infestation is tricky since poisons would be discouraged as they might die in places that are hard to reach, and the smell could end up getting worse if you are unable to remove all of them. The best way to handle this would be to have professional get rid of them, but if you insist you may do so yourself with the use of traps.

The smell of Rotten Eggs

Check your supply of eggs and see if they have gone bad, but if they haven’t you best clear your home immediately. Natural gas is odorless but to warn people of a leak, suppliers have incorporated a rotten egg smell into it.

If you smell these and you find your eggs to still be in good shape then as fast as you can, turn off any electrical appliance or gadget in your home, shut down the power supply to your residence, vacate your house, and call the gas company or the fire department. Avoid igniting any form of flame inside.

Dirty Sock Smell

Your HVAC unit should not smell like a gym bag. Dirty sock smells can be an indicator of bacteria growing in your AC’s evaporator coil. A cleaning from experts can very quickly resolve this.

Burning Smell

If you notice a scent of something that’s burning it may be your hardware having wiring complications, or an overheating issue. This is one of those scenarios where caution is key. Turn off the unit and have a technician come over to inspect it.


The best way to avoid these from happening is to have your system routinely checked and cleaned. It’s suggested that you have a company inspect, do maintenance and cleaning sessions at least once a year. If you're financially capable though, you may want to stretch this to twice annually. Let our technicians give you a thorough HVAC servicing regularly for peace of mind. Call Ardmore Fresh Air at (847) 792-1019.

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