Eliminating The Bugs From Your HVAC Unit

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Bugs and other pests that live outside your home may suddenly be attracted to your HVAC system. This could be because the temperature you’ve set it to be on is ideal in contrast to the current situation of the environment outside your home. It could also be that these critters just wanted to find shelter and gaps on your system was inviting enough.


Whether you like the kind of vermins that end up in your heating and cooling network, they shouldn’t be there due to the adverse effects these poses.

Getting Rid of an Infestation

Dealing with an infestation isn’t as easy as getting out your pesticide, and you point and spray. The presence of this chemical in your system may be detrimental to the health of your family as inhaling enough of this has consequences.

The best way of tackling this issue is by calling the professionals to come in. They are more than capable of eliminating these nasty vermins due to training, knowledge and most importantly experience. They might also know the best places to inspect when the actual location of these within your HVAC is unknown.

Avoiding This From Happening

Prevention is always better than treatment, which is why you should practice this too. Don’t wait for these to penetrate your system.

Manage Your Plants

Learn to keep the vegetation outside your residence at a minimum. Cut grass routinely and avoid having them grow to excessive lengths. If possible relocate plants that you have placed close to outdoor units of your HVAC. Remember that more of these means a larger population of bugs and insects within close range of your system. If you ignore this, it may be a matter of time before these find their way into your house and within your vents or equipment.

Seal Openings

As time passes, your hardware will deteriorate and could develop cracks and holes. These become the entryways for pests. It is then imperative that you locate these and seal it. This may not always be an easy job as sometimes these openings can be tiny or in segments where they are not so visible. If you want you may get the help of your technician to do this. They probably won’t have as much hard a time as you would, and it would save you all the time and hassle.


Those these aren’t quite visually appealing; these do great jobs at keeping bugs, insects or bigger creatures, from passing through. So if you don’t mind so much about how they look, you may install these on outside vents. You might also want to put screens on your windows if you like opening it a lot for fresh air. Lesser bugs within your own home lessen the chance of these being inside your HVAC.



It’s important to remember not to be cruel to whatever living thing you may find inside your system even if they don’t belong there. Remember that these are only acting through instinct and are merely looking for better means to survive. If you seek to kill these bugs and insects, have the professional do it quickly and humanely to avoid them from suffering. For professional HVAC cleaning services, call Ardmore Fresh Air at (847) 792 1019. We’ll be happy to assist.

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