Four Ways to Prepare Your Home For Fall

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Fall is coming up and before you know it, there’s winter to prepare for. What you do now would help you prepare your heater for the harshest and coldest season of the year. Your heater hasn’t been in use during the warmer months so it’s time to prep it for the change in seasons. These are a few of the things you can do to get your HVAC chill-ready.

Check the filters.

You can do this yourself. Simply slide it out the old furnace and slide in the new one. Be sure to check the arrow indications on the box or item so you know which side should be facing in. How often you should change it would depend on the kind of filter you’re using. The cheapest ones should be changed every month while others should be changed every few. There are filters that don’t require frequent replacement but should be cleaned.

Clean the outdoor unit.

This part receives the most exposure to natural elements and other objects. Keep this area clear to avoid any foreign objects from entering your HVAC system. These could not only block air from properly flowing but could potentially damage the machine and ductwork. These could cause direct harm like with sharp objects or through eventual harm by causing the equipment to overwork. Use a garden hose to easily clean out dirt and twigs.

Clear the area around the furnace.

After leaving it unattended to while it wasn’t in use, it’s likely you’ll find some objects around it that shouldn’t be there. Make sure to remove these and have them properly disposed to prevent any airflow blockage and fire. Prioritize any flammable materials, things with rough surfaces and sizeable items. You can also ask a professional on how to protect the furnace and other parts of your HVAC, especially throughout days when the weather’s less than ideal to be outside.

Schedule a professional maintenance check.

The wisest decision would be to call in the pros. They’d be able to assess the condition of your HVAC system accurately and give you a detailed description of its current state. They’ll know if any fixes needs to be done on it and if any parts need to be replaced. When any are recommended, request for a timeline, not just the costs so you can plot when to have these done. Work together with your technician on beating the first blows of chilly air.

Cliche as it may be, taking the route of prevention provides a better peace of mind and a healthier bank account. Replacements can be costly and having to endure a breakdown can put your family’s health at risk. Take a proactive approach to protecting your investment in your HVAC units and duct network. Ask your HVAC technician for other ways you can prepare before the cold seasons. Call Ardmore Fresh Air when you need expert HVAC help at (847) 792-1019. Think you’ve got it down pat? That leaves us with...where did you put the hot cocoa and marshmallows, again?


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