How to Save on Air Conditioning Cost This Summer

Save on Air Conditioning Cost this Summer

Summer may be a season of fun in the sun. But, it can be hard to relax when you're concerned about your electric bill. To keep costs and temperatures down, here are 5 ways to save on air conditioning.

Keep the Sun Out

Good quality window coverings can reduce your air conditioning expenses. By keeping the sun out during the hottest time of the day, you can protect your carpets and furniture as well. You may need to replace your windows if they're not energy efficient.

Put Fans to Work

Add oscillating fans to large rooms and use small fans near the floor in offices and bedrooms. Moving air will help you feel cooler. Plus, if you keep air moving along the floor, you will keep your feet and ankles cooler. This can help to cool your entire body.

Cook Without Heating Up the House

Not everyone has the ability to grill or access to a charcoal or gas grill unit. If you need to cook inside, consider cooking in batches. If you're making dinner, cook up an extra batch and save it for a later meal that you can easily in the microwave.

Another option to turning on the oven or firing up the cooktop is to invest in a crockpot. You can use these handy tools for every meal without adding a lot of heat to your home.

Get Your HVAC Serviced

Your HVAC may need updating or it might have a clog. Depending on where you live, there are plants that release seeds. These seeds can clog up A/C units, making it harder for them to do their job. If you notice your A/C isn't working, talk to our HVAC professionals about cleaning the unit.

Switch to LED Lighting

It's not a mistake that the heat source in a child's Easy Bake Oven used to be an incandescent light bulb. Almost all the energy produced by a traditional light bulb is generating heat, not light. Switch to LED's or fluorescents for a cooler light source.

Adjust your activities and put some fans to work so you can have a more comfortable summer. If your HVAC unit seems to be struggling, contact Ardmore Fresh Air for an inspection. Clogged filters or a sluggish fan can be the difference between comfort and misery. Call us now at (847) 792-1019.

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