How To Ventilate A Garage During Summer

Garage Ventilation

During days of extreme heat, the space within your garages could become severely hot especially since this is one of the most overlooked components of the home in terms of ventilation. If you spend a lot of time inside it, doing your hobbies and taking part in recreational activities, you might want to make sure it will be cool enough for summer.

Even if you seldom take a trip to your garage, and your vehicles are the only usual occupants you could still very much benefit from it being well ventilated, particularly if it is connected to your home as its heat might find its way into your living spaces.

Your Vehicles

One of the main reasons for ventilation is to bring down high temperatures. Take note though that cars heat up when they’re used so leaving a car on in the garage will contribute an amount of warmth.

When coming home from work where you utilized your vehicle, these are most likely to have been in operation for a rather long time and it will still be hot minutes after turning it off. If possible, you could park your car in a shaded area if you’ve arrived at a scorching time of the day and may park it inside once the sun has fully set or when the environment is much cooler.

Of course we don’t expect everyone to be able do this, but given your awareness on this matter you should take this into account when planning for the ventilation of your garage. Your system will have to accommodate the added heat produced by your vehicle.

Garage Ventilation

Even if you have good car ventilation, you also need to ensure the garage is just the same so you won’t be rushing into the house throughout the summer.


If you frequent this place so much, you could consider investing on an air conditioner for this area. This way, ventilation and cooling will be easy. Like any other part of the house, make sure that your unit is powerful enough to cover the total area of the room.


Insulation is useful in all seasons as it keeps the heat out while trapping the cold inside during the summer, and does the opposite during winter.

If an AC is being used, the presence of insulation would complement the air conditioner and would make its job much easier.

Exhaust Fan/Fan

A much cheaper option would be fans. You might need rather large ones but smaller exhaust fans may do if your garage isn’t quite big or if your only goal is to bring out the polluted air produced by your cars.

Multiple big fans will be needed for better results. You’ll have to even out the intake of cold air and the dumping of hot air back outside. See to it that you draw cold air from shaded or cool segments of your lot.

To better save energy you may have a programmable or motion detecting feature installed so it operates only when needed.

It’s always nice and admirable when a homeowner tries to make the quality of living in their residence better. When trying to make huge changes for the ventilation of your garage make sure you’ve referred this to an HVAC professional for proper guidance.


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