Is Your Home Thermostat Working Properly?

Do you sometimes feel that it is still way too hot in your house, despite turning the cooling level of your HVAC unit to its maximum capacity? Does it take longer than it used to for your air conditioning to cool down your house? If you’re facing these problems, then there must be something wrong with your thermostat. 
Here are signs to pay attention to and some helpful ways to check if your thermostat is working properly or not.

Must be the Switches

Check whether the thermostat switches aren’t loose or broken. Mercury and analog thermostats contain plastic parts which can snap off or break. Likewise, if your furnace won’t turn on or off, don’t assume that there must be something wrong with your furnace just yet. It could be your thermostat that’s causing your furnace not to turn on or off. It may also be that your thermostat might have been placed in an area that’s too cold or is in a bad location.
If the switch also has a short in the wiring, then it won’t allow the furnace to turn on and heat or cool the air. It could also be that your thermostat is having electrical or programming issues. If you’re finding it hard to tell which is which, have a professional technician check it for you.

The Thermostat is Unclean

Dirt and grease residue can also be one reason why your thermostat is malfunctioning. The dust can build up on the components and wiring which can cause it to misbehave. If you see that your thermostat is unclean from the inside, then it’s time for you to clean it up. Use a can compressor to get rid of the dirt. You can use a small, soft paintbrush to get into the tight spots.

The Screen Just Won’t Turn On

If your thermostat’s screen won’t turn on, or only portraying the display screen partly, it will cause a problem to your entire HVAC system. You can try doing a factory reset to your thermostat to see if it will function properly after that. Turn it back on after the reset.
If your furnace doesn’t engage properly, or if it shuts off suddenly, and runs without normal interruption, this is a sign that there is a need for a thermostat replacement. If it is not replaced, it may damage your HVAC system in the long run.

Check the Wires and the Battery

Another factor that might be causing your thermostat to malfunction is its battery and wires. Inspect for any loose wires or broken components within the thermostat unit. Likewise, check to see if the internal battery of your furnace thermostat is discharged. Use an electric controller to check your battery.
If you’re really unsure how to diagnose your thermostat, you should consult the HVAC specialists at Ardmore Fresh Air. If it needs replacing, we can help with the installation for you. And don’t worry, most thermostats are covered under factory warranty especially if the malfunction is due to electronic breakdown.
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