Is it Time to Winterize Your HVAC Unit?

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Is it Time to Winterize Your HVAC Unit? Winterizing your HVAC unit is the best thing you can do to ensure your central air unit operates a peak efficiency. During the fall is the time to start winterizing. Do this before bugs, and small rodents decide to make a winter home in your unit.

Winterize Well

To winterize air conditioner is not at all difficult. First, before you cover it, you will want to wash out your central air unit with water. You should do this with a water hose. Just take the water hose over to your unit and at a medium flow of water wash out the fins. Take a garden hose sprayer and spray out the fins real good. Once you have done, this let the unit air dry.

Get Rid of Debris

If you have twigs, leaves, and dirt, you will want to remove all of these first before you wash it out. This allows you to winterize air conditioners properly. Locate the outside power switch that cuts power to the unit and turns it off. There is usually a metal or plastic lid in which you will find the switch under. This prevents the unit from coming on, on a warm day and also prevents it from pulling in water. Then when it gets cold, it won't freeze in the unit.


Buy some tubular foam insulation to protect the exposed pipes from the freezing cold weather. You can buy these at any hardware store. Also, some large department stores carry a small supply of these. Measure the piping on the unit and cut the insulation accordingly. One such insulation that is great for this application is Frost King Foam insulation it is self-adhesive which makes it a snap to install.

Use a Cover

After you have cleaned the unit up nicely, it is time to put a cover over it. You can also buy a nice vinyl cover from your local hardware store. There are many good brands of covers. These covers usually have a cinch tie at the bottom of the cover to ensure a snug tight fit. This ensures that nothing foreign can get into the a/c unit.

Extra Protection

Sometimes bungee cords are used to secure the cover to the unit further. Other times people will also use bricks to secure the cover additionally. Adding the extra precautions are used in areas where weather can be severe. During the winter it is a good idea to remove any debris from the outside of the unit. Get rid of any varmints that may have nested in the unit.

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