Knowing What Type of HVAC You Need

Ardmore Fresh Air | Knowing What Type of HVAC You Need

For those of you who do not know what an HVAC is, HVACs are a heating and cooling system for your home. With winter settling in, for now, you have to decide what kind of heating and cooling system you need in your house.

Single-Stage or Multi-Stage

Single-stage systems can provide comfort for the coldest days of the year. Multi-stage systems are useful if you can afford it. Furnaces that make up your HVAC are designed to pull cold air from the house, passing it around a metal box called a heat exchanger. This device transfers heat from the metal to the air.


Heating and cooling systems work by controlling zone valves, inside the vents. Zoned systems can save you money given that it can heat or cool zones in your house that require either. What type of heating or cooling you need depends on the climate where you live. Higher efficiency furnaces are around these days, so replacing a furnace is something that some people need to have happened. Furnaces use natural gas or propane for fuel although boilers use gas or oil. There is also such thing as the electric furnace or electric heat pumps that heat or cools your home.

Two-Stage Furnaces

Two-stage furnaces have two settings, high or low, which keeps the heat from dropping too low from your desired point. The modulating furnace can adjust the flame to any point, low or high while trying to keep the air temperature constant. Variable-speed blowers can adjust the fan speed, incrementally. The two-stage furnace keeps the air temperature from varying as much as a single stage. The flip side of heating and cooling systems is an air conditioner, used in some locations only during the summer. Cooling systems run through a closed system of metal coils.


Warm air is absorbed by the liquid refrigerant, which cools the air that is blown back into the house. The heat goes outdoors to the compressor, where it is pressurized into a liquid form. The refrigerant is sent back to the house to start the cycle over and over again. However, going back to heating the house, that is a different situation altogether since you want a furnace that can do this smoothly and painlessly. The price of the furnace is also an important consideration when deciding what kind of heating and cooling device you will need given that you decide what type of furnace you want.

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