To Repair Or Replace?

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As years pass and seasons come and go, you may notice some wear and tear on your HVAC system. If you've been taking great care maintaining your system, it may take longer than usual before you notice strain on your unit. Maintenance of your HVAC system is an easy step-by-step formula that you as a homeowner can do without the help of professional HVAC services. Maintenance is done on a daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annual, and yearly basis which touches on different aspects of your HVAC system. Seek professional help when necessary, at least twice a year to inspect your system.

Once you have professional service take a look at your HVAC system, you might be faced with two options. The question is this: "When do you replace your system?". Some homeowners hate having to replace something that's already working, so they usually just repair it. But is it really the right decision? Or does replacing it entirely make a lot more sense?

To determine your decision on this matter, let's take a look at a few things that we believe will help you come to a solid conclusion:

System Lifespan

Nothing is built to last forever. Not even the most expensive HVAC systems available. Most heating and cooling systems have a potential efficient lifespan of 10-15 years. If a system is not properly maintained, this projected timeline could even fall shorter. When nearing the viable lifespan of your system, it isn't the best option to continuously force repair damages to these units. It may not seem so, but these are actually more costly to you as the homeowner. But if your unit was just frequently bought brand new, then this shouldn't be much of a worry for a few more years and should just be repaired for continued use. Some units may even come with a warranty for its first five years, so make sure you check your supplier and keep the necessary documents.

Repair Costs

When professional service is done evaluating the situation with your HVAC system, they will most definitely break down and compare the costs for a repair and a replacement. Obviously, repairs will be much cheaper than a replacement. But if repair costs are higher than fifty percent of the total cost for a brand new unit, then its a sign of a deteriorating system that will most probably be better off being replaced.

Right On The Money

Is your HVAC system the best fit for your home? You may be spending way too much on heating and cooling bills than on average all because of an inefficient system. Some units may be too big for the space needed to be cooled or heated, this causes way more expense on your monthly bills. Have professional service check your system's efficiency. If your unit is indeed unfit or improper for your space, then it definitely needs to be replaced.

Before deciding, let a technician give your system a thorough evaluation. If you are looking for HVAC professionals to inspect your home's heating and cooling system make sure to message or give us a call. We have the right technicians for the job. Ardmore Fresh Air is just a dial away at (847) 792-1019.


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