How To Get Rid Of Springtime Pests

Spring Cleaning Pests

Spring Pests Arriving

Spring is here and you likely have noticed more pests such as ants or beetles in your home, especially near the doorways or windows. Pests such as mice will enter your home to find food in the kitchen. Here are some of the ways to get rid of pests and prevent new infestations this spring.

Clean Your Home Thoroughly

Spring is an excellent time to clean your home to get rid of clutter and dirt so that your home doesn't attract any pests. Concentrate on sanitizing your kitchen first because this is where cockroaches and rodents look for food. Make sure to sort through the clutter in your home to get rid of stacks of clothing, children’s toys and other items where pests can hide and breed.

HVAC Professionals Can Inspect Your Home's Ductwork

Contact a knowledgeable HVAC technician to have your home's ductwork inspected for damage such as holes or cracks that pests can infiltrate. A mouse can squeeze through a tiny opening in the degraded air ducts to enter your home through one of the vents. If the rodent is a pregnant female, then the mouse can lurk somewhere in your home, leading to numerous mice in your home in only a few months.

Seal Crevices and Holes

Make sure to look for the holes and crevices in your home to seal the openings to keep vermin from entering. In addition to inspecting the inside of your home, look outside because the pests can also invade through the siding of your home or a degraded foundation. You can use liquid caulking in many of these openings, but you can also seal holes with wire mesh material or cement.

Maintain Your Property's Landscaping

Don't keep piles of lumber or empty containers on your property. These items are the places where spiders can hide and wildlife can lurk. These pests will wait for an opportunity to enter your home. You should also trim the branches on your property's trees and shrubs to keep animals from climbing them to reach your home's rooftop. After rats or other mammals are on a roof, the animals will find other ways to enter your home.

HVAC Equipment Inspection for a Home

Your HVAC professional can inspect your home's heating and cooling equipment to find any problems that can attract pests. The technician will clean the coils and other components along with changing the dirty filter so that your home is less likely to have disgusting insects or spiders.

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