Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

It is summertime again; more sunshine, more heat, and we all know that the climate change has affected the heat wave to a huge level. For the majority, using air conditioning is either unaffordable or unavailable, but there are other methods you can choose to do instead. Here are some tips for keeping your house cool in the summer heat, with or without AC.


If you live in an area with dry heat, your body perspires, your sweat evaporates, and you cool off just the way nature intended. If you live in an area with lots of humidity, you sweat and it doesn't evaporate. Instead, it soaks your clothes. Leaving you feeling hot, wet, sticky, and miserable.

To feel cooler in high humidity:

  • Wear loose cotton or other natural fabric that breathes
  • Choose breathable bedding such as cotton or bamboo
  • Use a dehumidifier


Did you know that everything you plug into a socket produces heat?  Unplug all unnecessary appliances or electronics when not in use. Even those little red glowing lights that stare at you in the middle of the night indicating the item is turned off drain energy and produce heat. Turning something off is not enough, so it is best to unplug.

Open Windows Strategically

If you have windows that you can open, do so only when it is cooler outside than in. But don’t just throw them all wide open. While that may seem like the way to get the most air movement, it often isn’t. Take advantage of the fact that hot air rises (think hot-air balloon), and create a natural draft by opening downstairs windows on the shady side of the house and upstairs windows on the hot side of the house. Increase this natural flow by putting a portable window-mounted fan in the upstairs window.

Reduce and Reflect Sunlight

Sunshine is wonderful stuff, but it’s your enemy when you want to stay cool. Closing drapes and shades can help keep out the visible light and UV rays so they don’t get converted to heat. Close them whenever your windows are closed—especially on windows that get direct or reflected sun. Even covering the windows with a portable screen or a large sheet of cardboard will keep the sun’s rays out quite effectively.

Use An Air Conditioner 

Depending on where you live and how your house is designed, you may decide you need at least some air-conditioning to make it through the summer. Save money on electricity and keep your environmental impact as low as possible by doing everything already suggested and using AC only when you really need it.

Those are just some of the nifty tips on how to keep your home insulated for the summer. For more helpful tools, visit Ardmore Fresh Air or simply give us a call at (847) 792-1019 to schedule an appointment with us!

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