Air Conditioner Not Working? Try This!

Summer is right around the corner and while most are gearing up for afternoons at the beach, some just can’t take the heat and would rather stay indoors with a trusty air conditioning system. However, there may be instances where your air conditioner just won’t work right.


Just because it won’t start or it won’t cool properly doesn’t mean you have to call in an HVAC technician right away. There are a couple of do-it-yourself measures you can take to check for common malfunctions and the like:


Check The Power

The first and most obvious thing that you can check is the power. It may seem too simple, but if you have children or pets, it is possible that they may have unintentionally detached the plug. See if your air conditioner is plugged in properly. If it is and it doesn’t start up, it could be that a fuse is blown or a circuit breaker is tripped.

Circuits may be volatile, especially in older houses, and it may be overloaded especially if shared with other appliances. If a part of your air conditioner is damaged, it’s probably best to let the professionals take care of it rather than risk getting harmed or further damage to your system.  


Check The Thermostat

Another likely reason for why your air conditioner isn’t working is that the thermostat may not be set properly. Try setting your thermostat five degrees lower to see if it starts. A dirty evaporator could be the cause, so try cleaning your evaporator and see if it runs after a few hours. A faulty motor and compressor could also be the culprit, and in case your air conditioner still won’t run even with a clean evaporator, it’s time to call in a technician.


Check Your Air Filters

After some time, your air conditioner’s filters will accumulate dust and other debris. The airflow will then be blocked if your filters are too dirty and it will not anymore be able to cool as well as it normally does. Replace your air filters regularly, around once or twice a month.


Check Your Condenser Unit

Lastly, you will want to check your air conditioner’s condenser unit. Condensers are usually found outside your home. Weeds, small bushes and other obstructions may grow around it and affect the airflow so make sure to clean your condenser’s immediate vicinity for optimal air quality.


Don’t let a malfunctioning air conditioner ruin your summer! Know what to look at and where to look in case your air conditioner doesn’t do its job. If you spot any part damages, it’s wise to let your HVAC technician handle it or better yet, schedule a servicing session ahead of time to ensure that you won’t have any problems with your air conditioner in the summer. 

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