What To Do If Your Heater Stops Working

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Imagine you’re enjoying the cozy heat inside the comfort of your home, then suddenly you feel a chill and realize your heater stopped working. What do you do? It’s normal for heaters to suddenly stop functioning due to several reasons. A low-quality thermostat, low water level, broken wires, or dirty filters to name a few. If you happen to notice your heater suddenly stops functioning, here are a few things you can do:

Check The Thermostat

One of the common reasons why one’s heater stops working all of a sudden is because the thermostat causes a reduction in heat. What you can do in this situation is check the thermostat battery level. If you know how, you can also replace the battery should the problem persist as it may be caused by low power. Also make sure that it is switched to heat mode.

Clean The Air Filters

Another factor that may lead to the dysfunction of your heater is the air filter. If there’s too much dirt clogging up the air filters, it can cause the air filter to slow down and possibly destroy the system. It’s advisable to have the air filters changed at least once a month to keep it functioning properly. If you experience further problems with your air filters, change them out on a monthly basis.

Check The Power Supply

Another common reason as to why your heater stops functioning is perhaps due to a loose plug that is slowing down the process. Have a look at the circuit breaker and check if the power source is properly plugged.

Schedule Maintenance

In order to have a fully functioning heater, schedule an annual repair to make sure it’s still working well. If your heater isn’t looked into properly, then it could encounter problems in the future that will make a dent in your pocketbook. You can have the maintenance done before or after the cold season, preferably after summer or before fall so there won’t be any problems encountered when the air gets too chilly. With proper maintenance, your air system will last for a long time and there won’t be as much damage in the machines and wires.

Install A New Heater

If your heater has been around for too long, it’s high time to have a new one installed. When it gets too old and hasn’t undergone proper maintenance, there’s a bigger chance that it will experience malfunctions. If you need assistance with installing a new heater contact your local technician at Ardmore to help replace your old heater.

These are a few things to consider when you start to notice your heater suddenly stops working. Always take note of having it cleaned and letting it undergo maintenance so it can continue to function well. If you experience further problems with your heater, contact Ardmore for further assistance. For more expert HVAC advice, call (847) 792-1019.


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