What To Look For In An HVAC Pro

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When it comes to purchasing a new HVAC system, pay attention to the very last detail. You, as a potential buyer of an HVAC system, should check thorough reviews about the SEER rating of your preferred unit, estimate your total monthly utility bills based on your system’s energy efficiency rating, and most of all, find a professional HVAC contractor.

But, how will you identify an HVAC pro? Here are some details that you should check in a professional HVAC contractor:


Look for Certifications and Licenses

HVAC certifications are solid evidence that your contractor is reliable and already had in-depth training and knowledge with the HVAC profession. Below are some of the certifications that will prove their legitimacy:

NATE Certification

  • NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence which is a widely recognized certification agency in the United States’ HVAC industry. This certification is proof that an HVAC contractor undergoes persistent HVAC education every after two years, stays up to date with the latest HVAC innovations, and has sufficient knowledge and skills to install an HVAC equipment properly.

ACCA Certification

  • The Air Conditioning Contractor of America is another technical and professional organization in the U.S. which issues an HVAC Quality Installation Standard certificate to contractors. This certification covers the contractor’s expertise in HVAC designs (both residential and light commercial designs), heating and cooling load calculations for buildings, and duct designs.

EPA 608 Certification

  • If your HVAC contractor usually works with system refrigerants such as R-22 and R-410, they are required to get a certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This certification is proof that your HVAC pro can legally purchase, dispose, or utilize these refrigerants. This is a great advantage for you because, when the time comes that you need refrigerant replacement, you can easily contact your contractor with no problem.

Local or State License

  • The license is a “must” requirement for HVAC technicians in almost every state in the U.S. A professional HVAC contractor should carry their licenses issued either by the state, their city, or municipality. As much as a driver’s license indicates that the driver is qualified for driving, the HVAC license is a proof that your technician is a qualified professional to do the HVAC technical job.



When we talk about professionalism, it does not only state that the HVAC technician should be licensed and certified. It also implies that they should be punctual, polite, responsive, and, most of all, neat and clean when showing up in your house. Most of the HVAC companies require their technicians to wear a clean uniform. Your technician should look respectable with a tidy appearance. Additionally, they should clean up their mess after the HVAC installation process before leaving your house.


Ask for Warranties

The installation process is done by the human hand and errors cannot be avoided. However, a good HVAC contractor should provide you a service warranty for their work. A proper disclosure between you and the company on how the warranties work, the warranty coverage, and how refunds work is necessary. Should anything go wrong, you’ll be confident that the HVAC contractors are willing to find the best solutions for you and you get the guarantee of the quality service you paid for.


HVAC efficiency is not the only things that homeowners should consider when shopping for a new HVAC equipment. It is important to shop for HVAC contractors as well. Without a good HVAC contractor, all the amazing features of your equipment go to waste. A proper installation not only increases your system’s efficiency, but it also provides you an extra comfort.

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