Why is My HVAC Unit Leaking?

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A furnace leak is a serious issue and should be addressed as soon as possible. Whether it is leaking water or fuel, leaving the issue unaddressed could lead to major damage to your home. A water leak could damage your HVAC system or the flooring in your home. Since water creates a humid environment which can promote the growth of mold. If your furnace is leaking fuel, it can be highly flammable and may require you to vacate your home immediately. Here are a few reasons why your furnace may be leaking.

Problems with the Humidifier

This is more likely to happen if the system has an inbuilt humidifier. The humidifier might be blocked, which can trap water in the system. Humidifiers have water flowing through them constantly. If this water is trapped and the system has a leakage somewhere, then the whole system will start to leak. You need to look for leakages in the humidifier. If you are not able, call a professional to check and fix that problem for you.

Poorly Designed Vent Pipes

Most of the conventional furnaces have built up flue pipes. The pipes play the role of safely carrying the gas which emanates from the combustion out of your home. A properly functioning system allows gases to escape to the external environment before they can cool down and condense into moisture in the system. However, this might not happen if the pipe is too big or has slopes. These slopes allow water and gas to be trapped in the flue. The gas cools down, condenses and might start leaking from the system. To prevent this, always ensure that your pipe does not have slopes. Always contact a professional to fix the problem.

The A/C is Running

Sometimes your system might be leaking when the air conditioner is up and running. There is a high likelihood that the problem is from the AC. When the AC drain line is logged, it will tend to leak water when it is running. You need to check the whole AC line and determine where the leak might be coming from. If you are not sure, it is always advisable to seek the services of a professional.

High-Efficiency Systems

These systems have cool exhausts. There is a lot of condensation which goes on in this system. For you to know whether your system is a high-efficiency one, you need to look at the vent pipe. High-efficiency pipes have a white plastic PVC. The condensed water in this system might find an escape route if there are cracks in the system.

Regardless of the reasons, a system leak should be addressed as soon as possible by a qualified HVAC company. Find out how you can avoid HVAC unit leaks with the help of Ardmore Fresh Air.



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