Can I Replace My HVAC Unit By Myself?

Can I Replace My HVAC Unit By Myself?

Everyone likes to think they can perform home improvement projects by themselves. Technically, they're right most of the time. If you have the tools and the know-how, you can do just about anything with your home. However, DIY home improvement projects should never include replacing your HVAC unit unless you have the proper training. First of all, there are simply too many electrical components to consider. Not knowing how to connect everything correctly adds an extra level of danger that doesn't come with installing a deck or painting your living room. Even if you're safe enough not to electrocute yourself or cause a short circuit, you might miss something that will render your HVAC unit useless.

Retrofitting to Your Ductwork

Another reason why you shouldn't try to install an HVAC unit by yourself has to do with your home's ductwork. Ductwork may look simple, but it is hardly one-size-fits-all. You need to make sure that you either have the right unit for your ducts or you need to retrofit your new unit to your home. All of this has to be properly balanced. Otherwise, you'll have to tear out and replace your ducts along with your HVAC unit.

Disposing Of Your Old Equipment

It's important to remember that installing an HVAC system will be only part of your replacement job. You'll also be stuck with a lot of old equipment that will need to be disposed of properly. This doesn't sound too complicated, but it's not a simple matter of throwing everything into a dumpster and having a waste disposal company haul it away. HVAC units often contain chemicals like freon, which can't just be thrown away. Freon can be dangerous if it isn't disposed of properly, so it's best to have all of this done by professionals.

Call Us Instead

In summary, you should not attempt to replace an HVAC unit by yourself unless you have the proper training and equipment, which would probably mean you are an HVAC contractor yourself. Instead of trying to make this into a DIY project, contact the professionals at Ardmore Fresh Air. We specialize in HVAC installation and repair, and we promise you that we can install a new unit safely and more efficiently than you can. Call us today for more information about our services or to schedule a service visit.