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Experiencing Problems with Your Air Conditioning System?

Have you ever come home on a hot summer day only to be dismayed because the house is overheated, and the AC system seems to be down?

No one should have to suffer through the sweltering temperatures when help is just a phone call away.

The team at Ardmore Fresh Air knows how uncomfortable it can be when the mercury rises. Suffering from a sluggish or non-functioning air conditioner puts a damper on employee morale at work and will frustrate your family at home. Take care of the situation quickly by bringing in professional HVAC experts.

You Can Rely on the Professionals at Ardmore Fresh Air

An air conditioner can break down for a variety of reasons. If your system is relatively new still and you do not want to consider upgrading or outright replacing the equipment, you’ll want to call in professionals with years of experience in all things related to air conditioning.

This is where the team at Ardmore Fresh Air shines. We are proud to still be a family-owned and operated HVAC business, with more than 40 years of experience providing AC repairs in the greater Chicagoland area and beyond.

Since our founding in 1972, our goal has been to provide the utmost in customer service. This is one reason why we get so many referrals and repeat business from local homeowners and business owners.

What to Expect When the Technician Arrives

Describing any physical details about the problem with your AC system to our HVAC professional allows them to quickly diagnose the issue. Unusual sounds, a single room no longer cooling down as the rest of the building, or increasingly higher utility bills are clues to help figure out what the air conditioning issue is.

We are prompt, courteous, and friendly. Our goal is to provide you with outstanding AC repair service that you will feel great about recommending to your friends, family, and neighbors.

Ardmore Fresh Air is at your service 24/7/365 if you are having an air conditioning emergency.

We are an official Ruud dealer and are very familiar with this manufacturer’s AC equipment, a popular choice among our customers. We keep current on all makes and models of air conditioners so we can make well-informed repair decisions.

Don’t Delay When Your AC Equipment Has Problems

At the first sign of trouble with your AC system, it’s imperative that you arrange for air conditioning repair from a trusted company.

Having to put up with the soaring temperatures of summer without proper air conditioning is not only uncomfortable but can be unhealthy, too, especially for sensitive individuals.

Taking care of an air conditioning problem should be done sooner rather than later because it can grow worse to the point where replacement is your only option. That’s the more expensive option, which is why our team recommends that you tackle AC issues immediately.

We will work with your schedule as closely as possible, whether the AC system is at home or your business. If you need a particular time for a repair visit, such as during off-hours, we will do our best to accommodate you when you have less foot traffic.

Do You Need Help with Your AC System? Contact Us Now!

Is your air conditioning unit broken, or do you think it is about to fail because of its noise, behavior, or lack of efficiency? We are standing by to take care of your equipment, no matter what model or how old it is. So pick up the phone or contact us through our website to set up an appointment today.