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Ardmore Fresh Air has proudly served Norwood Park and the Chicagoland area for over 40 years. When your home or business has heating or air conditioning concerns, you can rely on our friendly and professional technicians. Since 1972 we have been family owned and operated and have been offering exceptional customer service with every job that we take on. Ardmore Fresh Air operates out of five locations throughout the area to provide solutions for every HVAC need. From the humid summers to the chilling and dangerous Illinois winters, we have experienced and seen everything possible and have the answers for your home or commercials needs no matter what is going on outside.

So from the Union Ridge neighborhood to over near Rodon Library and even in neighboring areas such as Edison Park and Jefferson Park, you can call on Ardmore Fresh Air. Our satisfied customers know they can call for repairs and get prompt, expert assistance for their furnace, boiler or heat pump as well as the air conditioner, filter system, and humidifier. We are always available to help, with emergency service offered 24/7/365.

Air Conditioning Installations

When you are looking to purchase a new air conditioning unit, the process is much more than simply picking a new unit. What are the serious factors that our knowledgeable technicians will utilize in assisting your search for the perfect system? They will begin with identifying products that match your unique residential or commercial needs. Next, we will work with you to ensure the products that we can deliver are within your appropriate budget. Then we can look at which features and extended functions you would enjoy having.

Our staff works with all types of air conditioning systems and we constantly stay on top of the latest industry developments to make sure we are prepared to help you make an informed purchase. Then once we have ensured we have the right system for you, our team has a proven track record you should seek when having a new system installed. You can rely on Ardmore Fresh Air to get your installation done right the first time so you experience the difference a new system can make when installed properly.

If you are considering having a new energy-efficient air conditioning system installed in your residence or business? Then make sure you turn to professionals that can install the system correctly so that your new system functions at peak efficiency. Mistakes with installation can result in lowered energy efficiency right away and problems maintaining and repairing the system down the road. Ardmore Fresh Air has been providing quality installations with excellent customer service in the Chicagoland area since 1972, and our satisfied repeat customers and 40 plus years maintaining a standing in a competitive market proves that. So don’t turn to the fly-by-night guys or the young companies with a flashy gimmick, rely on Ardmore Fresh Air when you are considering a serious project like installing a new air conditioning system. Contact Ardmore Fresh Air for assistance in picking out the right air conditioning equipment and to set up an appointment for AC installation today.