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Regular maintenance for your commercial or residential air conditioning and heating equipment is key to guaranteeing you and your family are comfortable through every season. That means relying on professionals that are prepared to work on every type of heating and air conditioning system. From the rising heat and humidity in the summer to the crippling cold temperatures,  our team of technicians at Ardmore Fresh Air knows when Chicago area homes need servicing and how vital it can be to address problems quickly when your home or business is having to deal with systems that are no longer working.

We proudly serve Park Ridge from the Kennedy Expressway up to near Maine East High School. Ardmore Fresh Air has been serving the Chicagoland area and many of the communities around Park Ridge, Niles, and Mt Prospect since our family-owned and operated was established in 1972. While we promise to deliver installations, repairs, and servicing that can give you peace of mind, we make it our goal to provide the best customer service you can find with every call we answer and the job that we take on. We want to make sure that we complete every job to your satisfaction and to ensure that Ardmore Fresh Air will be the obvious choice next time you have HVAC needs.


While heating and air conditioning systems are necessary for most people, they may not always be sufficient in keeping everyone comfortable. Dry air can be a source of several physical ailments, and some people may not even realize it. Do you by chance suffer from bloody noses, regular irritation of the respiratory tract (an inexplicable sore throat), or cracked lips no matter the season? Often these issues happen along with dry and irritated skin that is intensified by a dry environment.

While you might not be suffering from some of these concerning conditions, humidifiers can be used to combat allergens and help people with sinus conditions, asthma, and respiratory infections. Adding a humidifier to your home or business can offer great relief for anyone having to deal with a cold or flu. While humidity levels over 50% often lead to muggy and humid conditions that can be dangerous to both you and your residence, having humidity in your residence or business is a good thing. You simply want the humidity level to stay around 30-50%. Too low and the air becomes dry, too high and the air becomes humid. Adding a humidifier introduces moisture into the air and helps regulate the humidity level.

At Ardmore Fresh Air our trained technicians are proud to offer Honeywell humidifiers. Honeywell is one of the most respected and used manufacturers of humidifiers along with other consumer home products such as thermostats. Call us today at (847) 792-1019 to speak with our staff about Honeywell humidifiers and how your home or business could experience better air quality by adding one today. Or as you can contact Ardmore Fresh Air online as well for any of your air quality, heating, or air conditioning needs in the Chicagoland area.