HVAC Heating Services

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In the greater Chicagoland area, heating is a necessity and not a luxury, which means you will want to go with an HVAC company that you know you can rely on to install the proper heating equipment as well as inspection, maintenance, and repairs as needed.

As a family-owned business, Ardmore Fresh Air knows how important it is to keep your premises warm and comfortable during the windy Illinois winters. Our licensed and professionally trained technicians are standing by for all your heating needs such as furnace repairs, maintenance, and installation.

We provide fast service at highly affordable rates. Whether you need a new system installed today or have heating equipment that has seen better days and needs some urgent repairs, we are your preferred heating company in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Heating Installation

You may not know how old the heating system is in your home or business, let alone how often the previous owner had the equipment inspected and cleaned. Or, you are already aware that the current setup is not suitable and you need a new heating system installed as soon as possible.

Installing a brand new system will save you money on fuel costs because of energy efficiency. This will also lower your carbon footprint. Of course, a new heating setup will also improve the value of your home or business when it comes time to put it on the market.

Signs of a malfunctioning heating system include strange noises, unusual odors, or the fact that your building is not getting warm like it used to no matter how long the heater runs.

Heating Repair

Don’t let a heating system problem leave you in the cold. Our team of licensed, bonded professionals will inspect and determine the cause of the problem and then make any necessary repairs. Keep our number handy in case you need to call us at any time of the day or night, every day of the year for an emergency repair job.

Heating Service

When something isn’t right with your heating system, you’ll want to call in professionals to service it, as more than your comfort could be at stake. A blocked or broken system could emit dangerous carbon monoxide, for example.


Are you in the market for a new furnace? Or do you already have a furnace and require maintenance or repairs? At family-owned Ardmore Fresh Air, we don’t want you to suffer through the cold. Call us for assistance and we will install or fix your old furnace and give you the warm and cozy environment you crave.


Many homes and businesses in the greater Chicagoland area rely on boilers to keep the premises nice and warm during the winter. The familiar warmth emanating from a bedroom radiator can be a source of comfort that some people prefer over a centralized forced-air heating system. Distributing heat from a boiler through a system of radiators is a practical and efficient method for keeping comfortable. We are experts at installing, maintaining, and repairing boilers, so give us a call today for all your boiler needs.