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Chicago and the many communities throughout the Chicagoland area contain some very historic and unique buildings. In the city and the many surrounding suburban areas, you can find many buildings and housing communities that have stood for longer than many of their residents have been alive. At Ardmore Fresh Air, we may not be that old, but like many of these buildings, we have been around a lot longer than many other local businesses.

Since 1972, Ardmore Fresh Air has been owned and operated by the same family and working with many dated buildings for over 40 years. We have been helping customers in Edgebrook and many of the small communities in the area. For so long, we are proudly serving the children and grandchildren of many satisfied customers.

So while the fly-by-night companies will try to sell you on new gimmicks or flashy advertising, our team of trained professionals has the experience and knowledge to deal with many of the unique problems your home or business may face. When you need help staying cool in the summer or warm and comfortable during Chicago winters, rely on Ardmore Fresh Air and our experience for all of your HVAC needs. Our goal is to always deliver honest and friendly customer service and to provide an impressive performance that will make Ardmore Fresh Air your company for every heating and air conditioning need in the future.


Boilers remain a prominent source of heat in many homes and businesses in the greater Chicagoland area. They remain popular because they can last for a long time while being a practical and efficient method for keeping any building warm. Steam heat is created in the boiler and then delivered to radiators in multiple rooms through pipes throughout the building. And while a boiler can last for many years, they need occasional maintenance and will eventually need to be replaced.

First, our technicians will help you determine if your boiler needs to be replaced or is only in need of some minor repairs. When a boiler begins to malfunction and stop creating heat, many companies will quickly encourage replacing them with a new heating system. Our professionals at Ardmore Fresh Air will inspect every part of your heating system to find out the real problem and if repairs or installing a new boiler is the more practical choice. And if it is time to look for a new boiler, we proudly carry efficient Crown Boilers that we are prepared to install and maintain for you.

In the Chicagoland area, your heating system is used a lot and plays a significant role in your comfort throughout the year. That’s why having an experienced heating specialist visit your home regularly is key. If you are experiencing a loss of heat, strange noises, or water leakage with your boiler, let us provide residential and commercial boiler solutions for you today. For all of your heating needs, contact Ardmore Fresh Air and let our professionals restore your home or business into a comfortable environment.