3 Easy Things To Check On Your HVAC System

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Technicians can be called in to aid you in any HVAC concerns. However, it may take time for them to actually get to your home and do the job, or at times it may merely be a simple task that could have been easily accomplished by you in a matter of minutes.

The residents of a house must be familiar of the simple things to check on their heating and cooling system so that they would avoid having to wait for help and unnecessarily paying for a miniscule errand. This could also help when discussing problems with professionals so they can better gauge the problem and what has to be done.

Power Or Gas

If your system refuses to operate, chances are it isn’t getting the power it needs. See to it that your units have been plugged in. Even if you remember doing so, it would be ideal that you still verify this because sometimes it can be dislodged by a pet or by someone walking past the wires.

Circuit breakers sometimes tend to shut down immediately as a safety measure. If you can’t physically see anything that would indicate as an emergency you may try turning it on, but if it ceases working again then immediately call an electrician to look into this.

Sometimes when people are moving in from warmer states or locations, they aren’t accustomed to the use of furnaces. Some don’t realize that they have to coordinate with the gas company for them to be supplied with this substance. Unless your heater is purely run by electricity then this should be something you should examine. Make sure your gas lines are in good condition and haven’t been turned off.


The thermostat is a key element of the HVAC as it is where one can manage its output. When you find the services of your system to be ineffective, try this component out. You may have had the cool or heat in effect though you actually needed the opposite. In the event a zoning system is in place, it could have been mistakenly set to exclude the room you are occupying.

If it doesn’t work you may want to check its batteries as they might require replacement. Warm/cold items that may be next to the thermostat may be messing with its ability to recognize the temperature of a room and may falsely see this as having met what is needed of it.

Utility Bills

Keep track of your utility bills as this could be telling you something. Bills that are higher than usual could indicate a complication within the system. You may try swapping in your old filter for a new one, provided that its specifications is correct. A filter that is filled with dust and particles may make it hard for your heating and cooling to blow air pass through it. If this does not alleviate things then it could be that your system needs to be repaired or needs to be upgraded.

Not all things require an expert hand. These are some of the few things you can do to keep your HVAC system at its best for longer. Then, on the other hand are times when you can’t risk tinkering on the complicated machine on your own. For when you need a reliable professional, call Ardmore Fresh Air at (847) 792-1019


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