4 Ways To Stay Warm This Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s day, the day of hearts, is one of the sweetest day of the year. But however cozy your heart gets from all the heartwarming gestures of love your significant other may do for you, keeping yourself and your partner physically warm can’t be done with “I love you’s” and kisses.

Make Adjustments To Your Home

It doesn’t take a genius to know that the sun is a natural source of heat. When the sun is up take advantage of it. Open up your curtains or blinds and let it in. If you have a ceiling fan, invert its direction by reversing its motor. Having your fan go the other way pushes warm air down. Use tinfoil to reflect heat from your radiator or furnace. Seal even the tiniest of cracks in your window frames and under your doors. If your floors are made of wooden boards, place rugs or carpets on them to prevent heat from escaping through the small spaces between them. Preferably, these rugs or carpets should be made of wool or other materials of the same nature.

Body Heat

When you’re feeling lazy, sleepy or just maybe wanna watch your favorite romantic movie, do so while cozying up to your loved one and have each other’s body heat keep you warm. Pair it with a thick blanket to trap the warmth in a bubble around the both of you. If you want to burn off the calories from the valentine chocolates you’ve both been eating, then go dancing. Find the right music you both could jam to, and get moving. Make a contest out of it - whoever has the best moves gets to dare the loser. Either way, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to have a snugglefest!

Drink Wine

This is probably one of those days that you should open that perfectly aged wine you’ve been saving for the right occasion. What better time than a romantic night on the 14th of February. Red wine promotes blood flow and has histamine and tannic acid. Both ensures that your body gets quite toasty. Enjoy a bottle with the right person in front of the fireplace, during a tasty meal, or even while watching a movie.

HVAC Tune Up

Of course, the easiest way to stay warm this Valentine’s Day would be to get a good old fashioned tune up from your favorite HVAC company. Ensuring your heater is working  on the chilly Chicago February night is essential to a stress free candlelit dinner at home, a night of romantic comedies, and cuddling up on the couch with a rich dessert. Take the headache out of the holiday by letting Ardmore provide some heater TLC.

Valentine’s is a day of romance, love, and hearts, but you wouldn’t want the chilly weather to ruin its fun. Plan and get things ready ahead of time to ensure you and your partner can enjoy without anything to worry about. For more ideas of how to stay warm or to have an HVAC tune up before the holiday, call Ardmore Fresh Air at (847) 792-1019.


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