5 Myths About HVAC Services

HVAC Myths

HVAC systems can be quite expensive to install, making it necessary to carry out constant servicing routines. Keeping your HVAC system in good condition has its benefits, such as lowering utility bills, a healthier air output, longer life of the system, better efficiency, and fewer costs on repairs.

Despite these advantages of servicing HVAC systems, many people still hold myths on whether they need to repair their systems. Below are five of the main myths that you may hear around, and an explanation as to why you should not consider them:

Myth #1: An HVAC filter should be changed once a year

HVAC filters are an essential part of the whole system. With pet fur and dust in the house, the filters can easily get clogged and damaged. This myth puts your system at risk of breaking down, thereby reducing its efficiency and life span. It would help if you aimed to replace your HVAC system filter every month for the best quality of performance.

Myth #2: You need to have a huge HVAC system installed for best performance

An oversized HVAC system may struggle to get rid of humidity in a small house. The bigger the system compared to your house, the more utility costs it has, making it unreasonable. When choosing the size of an HVAC system, you should call a professional who will advise you accordingly.

Myth #3: You should only service your system when it’s broken

It is advisable always to have a professional undertake regular checks on your system for any minor problems. A well-maintained HVAC system reduces the costs of repairs once the problem escalates. Sometimes, problems with the HVAC system can be visible when it is too late, which will force you to redo the whole system.

Myth #4: You don’t need a technician to find air leaks

Air leaks around the house, whether small or huge, are tough to find, and require the services of an experienced technician. With air leaks around the house, energy is wasted, therefore making your system inefficient. It is essential to request your technician always to identify and seal leaks whenever they come for the filter maintenance checks.

Myth #5: Why not just turn up the thermostat for heating?

The thermostat depends on your HVAC system for its efficiency. With air leaks on your system, your thermostat may struggle to attain the intended temperature. This is because a lot of energy is lost through the leaks. You will, therefore, notice that the thermostat may be on the 30 degrees mark, but the temperature in the house feels like 20 degrees.

Always ensure your HVAC system is working well for your thermostat to function optimally. Do you have any questions about HVAC installations? Contact the experts at Ardmore Fresh Air today and get your questions answered professionally.



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