Can Air Conditioners Remove Humidity?

Humidity Indoors

With the hot summer months comes high humidity levels. This excess moisture in your home can make your body feel hot. This is because the body's natural response to heat is sweating to cool the body down. When it's humid outside, homeowners turn to their air conditioner to keep their homes cool. But is an air conditioner enough to remove humidity?

How Your Air Conditioner is Keeping You Cool

You may be wondering if your air conditioner is an effective way to remedy high humidity levels. The short answer is that it can. But, it's not the most effective way to reduce humidity levels in your home.

Your air conditioner sucks in the air through the return vents in your home. This air is then passed over coils filled with refrigerant that cools that air. The cooled air uses your ductwork to return to the interior rooms of your home. The hot air expelled from the return ducts is then sent outside. During this process, the hot air that contains high levels of humidity goes outside. This, in turn, reduces the humidity levels indoors.

Effective Ways To Lower Humidity Levels

Your air conditioner can assist in lowering the humidity level inside of your home. But, you'll need to have more effective measures to be comfortable. A dehumidifier is always a great option for those who have trouble with high humidity levels. They're also recommended for homeowners who live in very humid climates.

Dehumidifying Heat Pipes

You can install these alongside your traditional air conditioning unit. This helps the air in your home pass through the dehumidifier during the cooling process. These are dehumidifying heat pipes. They work to remove about 90 percent of the moisture going through your piping systems.

Portable Dehumidifiers

If you don't want to invest in dehumidifying pipes, consider a portable dehumidifier. It's recommended to run this unit in a room which sees a lot of traffic in your home. The living room or bedroom may be the ideal option for your home.

Ventilation Fans

Make sure that you're making use of proper ventilation throughout your home. All your wet rooms should have a ventilation fan to allow moisture to leave the room. You should use these fans when taking a shower or using steam in the kitchen.

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