Common HVAC Problems During the Winter

HVAC Problems During the Winter

When temperatures drop, the furnace in your home quickly becomes one of the most important appliances. A faulty furnace can cause an uncomfortable climate in your home or, even worse, put everyone inside your house in danger. A thorough inspection and needed maintenance work is essential in preparing your furnace for another long winter. Our dedicated team of HVAC professionals at Ardmore Fresh Air can make sure your furnace is up to par.

We tell our clients that it’s also important to monitor your furnace’s performance to see if it is displaying telltale signs of these relatively common issues.

Signs and Causes of Poor Airflow

Two common winter time furnace problems are tied to the poor flow of air from your furnace to the many rooms of your home. A dirty air filter is something you must work to avoid. Dust and other particles will build up in the filter. If it gets too dirty, it can restrict the flow of air from your furnace. If you have a disposable air filter, we suggest that you replace it every couple of months. If your furnace features a reusable filter, take time every few months to remove, vacuum and rinse it under warm water before putting it back in place.

Uneven heating throughout your home is another relatively common issue. Our staff has found that this can be a byproduct of poor airflow that might be caused by blocked vents, dirty air ducts or a dirty air filter. Also, particular rooms in your home might be poorly insulated or contain cold air leaks. These need to be addressed in order to preserve energy efficiency.

Frozen Pipes Can Lead To Major Damage

Just like with a plumbing system, the pipes in your HVAC system that are exposed to cold temperatures and are not properly insulated can freeze over time, which can bring your entire system to a standstill. Insulating these pipes is paramount. Pipes can burst due to high pressure. If they have already frozen, you can call in our team of professionals to repair any damage.

Pilot Light Goes Out or Other Components Have Failed

The final two HVAC issues to be on the lookout for during the winter include an extinguished pilot light or other components that are broken or faulty. The pilot light in your furnace can go out due to a strong draft that flows through your furnace or a dusty pilot. When the pilot light is out, your furnace will run, but it won’t kick out any warm air. You can relight the pilot light on your own, but it’s better to trust a professional for the job.

Burners can get dusty and heat pumps can become faulty. Signs of malfunctioning components include scraping and rattling noises or loud booms. If your furnace is making odd sounds, it’s time to call in one of our technicians right away.

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