Fun HVAC Facts

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Here in the U.S., we often take the amount of success of our air conditioning options for granted with much of our equipment we now use having its roots in ancient history. The first advances in the HVAC systems we now take for granted were only made in the early-20th-century when the U.S. took control of heating and cooling its homes. We now use around as much energy to heat and cool our homes as the continent of Africa in total each year.

How Heating has Evolved

When we set out on a job to maintain or repair the HVAC systems we all take for granted, our technicians understand the vital role they play in all our lives. The Romans may have invented the furnace, and Benjamin Franklin developed the forerunner to the modern heating system, but the heating system, as we know, came to fruition in the 19th-century. Natural gas is still an essential part of the heating sector even though it was initially used for light and not for heat in our homes and businesses.

Heating systems were separate from cooling systems in the early days before Alice Park of New Jersey was granted a patent for the first integrated central heating system. The history of women in HVAC development is long and includes Margaret Wilcox, the engineer who created the first automobile heating system. There are many reasons why we are happy when our clients have well-maintained heating systems, including the fact freezing temperatures can lead to frozen pipes in less than three days.

The Development of the Air Conditioning System

The Ancient Egyptians may have invented the theory behind the first air conditioning systems using simple reeds soaked in water, but Charles Gilbert Gates created the first full air conditioning system. The engineer from Minneapolis had such an impact on life in the U.S. that he changed the way buildings were designed and built.

Before the development of the air conditioning system in 1913 in Minneapolis, the majority of houses were designed with high ceilings and porches to allow the rooms to stay as cool as possible. In some areas, the local fire department would even drive around at night, and soaking blankets hung on porches to cool them as the wind blew. These tasks were no longer needed after the air conditioning unit was invented and larger buildings like The White House, making it more popular than ever.

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