How Different Weather Affects Your HVAC System

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The Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system at your home may be made to alter the temperature of your house so that you may be unfazed  by the harsh conditions outside, but your HVAC’s performance could still be very much affected by the external environment, or rather how you react to it.

Extreme Heat And Cold

We’ve all seen the news and as the years go by, it seems that not only humans are the ones in search of an accomplishment but it seems our weather is too since we seem to hear of new record breaking hottest summers or coldest winters in different parts of the world. Now it’s understandable that we seek comfort during these extreme situations but don’t crank up your thermostat just yet.

Setting your HVAC to the farthest of both sides of the temperature scale may actually not be of much help as it has shown that it may produce results the same if you had toned it down by a few degrees. What’s more is although you’re getting the same outcome, but your system will be consuming a lot more power and deterioration of its components will be quicker. In short you’ll be wasting money for nothing but a false sense of ease.

To better combat the most extreme weathers you should get creative. It isn’t really hard, you just need to use your imagination. For days when it’s freezing you should put on sweaters and pants to keep yourself warm even when your furnace isn’t doing well enough for you to sport tank tops and shorts. When it’s scorching sometimes a the help of fan might complement your AC. Have it face you, but turn it off once your body feels it’s cool enough.

Extreme Humidity

This usually happens during warmer weathers, when the immense heat has lead to too much water vapor in the air. On average cases your AC is capable of combating this as it sucks the moisture from your home and drains it outside. But when things are scorchingly beyond what’s considered normal your unit may have a hard time dealing with the extreme humidity. To counter this it will put in more effort, harnessing more electricity in the process which will increase your bill on this aspect.

Extreme Dryness

When the atmosphere is extremely dry it then becomes strenuous mission for your furnace to meet the desired temperatures during the snowy season. Even when your system says it’s finally done its job, it may still feel a bit chilly due to the lack of moisture in the air making it harder for our human bodies to stay warm.

Although the technology of HVACs are continuing to develop and advance, our climate too seems to change and become more and more unpredictable so it’s best that we be prepared and have the necessary clothing and tools to complement the work being done by our heating and cooling systems.

Have these always checked up and maintained properly by reputable professionals and seek for their recommendations on matters of your home temperature during extreme weather. Call for one from Ardmore Fresh Air at (847) 792-1019.


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