Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner

When to Repair or Replace the Air Conditioner

No one wants the summer heat to get in the way of enjoying all the activities that only summer can bring. If you have air-conditioning that you think is not working, this is the time to either replace or repair. Here is a guide to help you decide whether you should repair or replace your central air unit.

A/C Unit’s Age

The age of your air conditioner is a major criterion for whether to replace or repair. Air conditioners that are more than 10 years old should have a replacement. This is because older models tend to be less energy-efficient. Manufacturers nowadays tend to increase the competitiveness of their products. They do this by making HVAC systems that are more energy-efficient. Today people are environmental-conscious and embrace products that help them save energy costs. Plus, if your HVAC system is from 2006 or earlier, it might not meet federal requirements.

Cost of Repairs

Some HVAC professionals recommend that you use the 5,000 rule. You multiply the age of your air conditioning with the cost of repair. If the amount exceeds $5,000, it is a sign that the system needs a replacement not a repair. But, if the total is less than $5,000, you can go ahead and have that air conditioner replaced. Others recommend that you use the 50% rule to decide if you need to repair or replace your air conditioner. With this rule, you add up all the costs incurred in repairing the system. If they are 50% or more of the air conditioner's value, you should have it replaced. If the total is less than 50%, repairing the air conditioning will work.


You will need to repair your air conditioner if it starts producing noise and unusual odor. Also, if you feel that the air in your house is warm even with air conditioning, have an HVAC professional repair it. If the noise or temperature issues in your home are constant, replace the air conditioner. You should also replace your air conditioner if it has broken down or has noticeable leaks.

Once you have decided to repair or replace your air conditioner, be sure to use an HVAC professional. Ardmore Fresh Air is a reputable air conditioning company. We provide repairs, maintenance, and installation services.

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