Tips To Deal With A Frozen Heat Pump

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When winter winds are roaring at their strongest, you should be equipped with the right information to address pressing HVAC concerns immediately. A frozen heat pump would cause major concerns to your home and health, particularly during the worst of the winter season. Here are ways you can prevent it from happening and protect your loved ones.

Know the common causes

The best way to take on a frozen heat pump problem is to deal with it before it even happens. There are three reasons behind it, the most common of which is extremely cold weather. You’ll know if temperatures are dropping too low for your heat pump to handle when ice starts to appear on the coils or the refrigerant lines. Another could be a lack in refrigerant. Heat pumps are more vulnerable to cold and ice when there isn’t enough refrigerant. Have an HVAC professional check it before winter comes rolling in. The third cause for a frozen heat pump s improper installation, blocking airflow which results in freezing. Trust only licensed and experienced professionals to work on your HVAC system.

Activate the defrosting

How this works depends on your HVAC model. Older models run on mechanical timers while others might not have any at all. You can set your HVAC to begin defrosting at a certain temperature for newer units. If you want easier and better control, consider upgrading your HVAC unit.

Keep the surroundings clean

Remember that blocked airflow contributes to the buildup of ice. Make sure the area around it is free of dirt, leaves, twigs, garbage and other debris. Schedule cleaning which you can do yourself but also ensure the maintenance checks on this during their visit. Also check under the unit. If your unit is sitting on an uneven surface, water would collect under it, blocking the airflow. Don’t try to adjust your unit unless you’re trained to do so.

Observe regular maintenance

Problems with your heat pump might be more technical, requiring more practiced hands and in-depth training. Don’t skip out on your maintenance schedule, particularly when winter is approaching to avoid nasty surprises. Although the smartest option would be to have it by the end of fall or the start of the winter season, HVAC practitioners are more busy at this time. You’d have a more difficult time booking a home visit. A mid-winter checkup would work just fine as long as you to see to it that you do what you can to keep your heat pump in good condition until then.

For more tips on how you can help prevent a major concern in your unit, discuss this with a reliable HVAC professional. If you want fair, attentive and expert service for your frozen heat pump and other related issues, contact Ardmore Fresh Air at (847) 792-1019 today. Our HVAC technicians are always prepared to head on over to your home. You can also book a free consultation to address any questions you have.


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