Which Type Of Air Filter Is Right For My Home?

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The air quality in a home is important for its inhabitants to continue to live a healthy life. Homeowners should strive for a cleaner and better atmosphere inside their residences. One step of doing this is securing the right air filters for you and your family. The appropriate choice would give provide air you could be confident to breathe in.

Air filters vary in kind and in its effectivity. Given the number of varieties of it in the market, a responsible homeowner should get to know the essential factors when choosing out the proper filter.

MERV Rating

This is a classification system made by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Engineers (ASHRAE). The purpose of the MERV rating is to classify the different types of filters based on its effectivity in trapping different particles and preventing it from entering the home.

These ratings range from 1 to 20, with 14 to 20 typically being found in medical settings. Categories 1 to 4 are the most common, yet the most ineffective. MERV 8 to 13, however, are usually sufficient choices for residences.

When wanting a wholesome home environment, a person should refer to MERV Ratings when deciding what air filter to use. Each number implies the filters capability to strain out certain particles. Familiarize with each rating and their capabilities. For example, the presence of pets or animals would warrant you to go for air filters with a MERV rating of 5 or higher to keep out their dander.  

Washable Vs. Disposable

There is a choice of washable and disposable air filters now and people often wonder which one is really better. The truth is it is actually subjective, depending on a person’s preference.

Washables are great for money on the long-term. They cost more than disposable ones initially, but save you a great deal since they can be used for years since they only need washing when there is an excess build-up of particles and debris. Another upside of washables is that they are great for planet Earth because in contrast to their counterparts, you won’t have to throw out your filter every now and then.

Disposables, on the other hand, are cheaper but because you’ll have to purchase new ones every time you change them out which will ultimately cost you more. The downside of disposables though, is that their MERV ratings only span up to 4. If you want one at a higher rating then washables are your only choice.

Right HVAC System

Unfortunately, you can’t just pick out a filter from the shelf with a MERV rating of 20 and install it into your HVAC system. The higher the classification of a filter, the more it also restricts airflow. This means that if you are considering to make use of filters in high categories you would need to have a system that is powerful enough to handle this.

Your HVAC technician can advise you on the necessary factors to regard and the steps to take based on your preferences as a consumer. Call Ardmore Fresh Air for additional information at (847) 792-1019.


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